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Computer Room Environmental Monitoring Security Access Control Building Management System

Building Management/Automation Systems

Here at Planet Controls we have a passion for building automation. We provide hassle free installation of computerized devices controlling air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systems and can easily install our leading edge Web Based system on existing equipment. Whether you are sitting at your desk, sitting at the airport, on the beach in Fiji or in front of a crackling fire at a Ski resort in the Swiss Alps, you can access the bms1Web pages of your Building Automation System and make adjustments as needed.

Whatever your demands, Planet Controls can deliver, Multi-story buildings, Multi-Building portfolios, Factories, Multi-Site facilities including local and national locations all accessed without the need for expensive software. Internet Explorer is all you need. Many people can access the Web pages at the same time from different locations, no worries.

The installation of Building Automation, Peak Demand Energy Control, Energy Management Control, Critical Environment Monitoring, Access Control and CCTV delivered by one company. What more can you ask for?

If you need to manage your water consumption or improve your energy efficiency, we can help. Our automation system can communicate with many things by translating the many commubms2nication protocols (languages) out there to one language. We can talk to LON, BACnet, Trend, Johnson N2 Open and Modbus all at the same time!!

bms3Water Chillers, Variable Speed Drives, Intelligent Power Meters and Water Meters, Wall Thermostats and actuators are all examples of devices that we can control via the above languages.

For example, interfacing with a Water Chiller via LON or BACnet gives access to the Water Chiller load percentage (used for turning the chillers on or off), the control of the water set point (for efficient operation of the plant), access to a heap of fault indications (rather than a general fault indication) plus a load of other stuff like water temperatures, refrigeration pressures and Amperage. The logging of these things allows the mechanical contractor to better diagnose faults and equipment operation as well as being used for energy management of the system.

The advantage of utilizing this form of communication is getting information transferred across equipment with minimum cost. The savings come not only from installation costs, but in the speedy notification of faults and abnormal conditions as well as the reduction of power consumption and peak demand expenses.

Our system offers email or SMS alert on critical faults. These messages can be sent tobms4 many destinations including the facilities manager, mechanical contractor, controls contractor, 24Hr help desk, etc. and the fault is highlighted before conditions are compromised.

Reduced mechanical repairs, longer equipment life and lower energy costs are the result of an automation system professionally installed and maintained.

Give us a call or send an email to make an appointment to discuss the savings we can generate for you.