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Computer Room Environmental Monitoring Security Access Control Building Management System

Computer Room Environmental Monitoring System



The CREMS8000® is the industry leader in environmental monitoring solutions for computer server rooms and Data Centres and is 100% designed and manufactured in Australia.

The CREMS8000® offers real time monitoring of all inputs and conditions for the essential equipment found in today's computer server rooms. It is a standalone microcontroller based solution, which is highly configurable and comes in many different hardware packages. Depending on the client needs it can be setup to suit almost any size or type of monitoring application, whether it be for a small comms room or enterprise data centre. It is a totally standalone monitoring solution which does not require PC software for operation or user interaction and is fully battery backed.

Individually named inputs and alarms are assigned to areas to show the presentation of monitored equipment in a meaningful way, which the client can easily see the status of their equipment. Analogue inputs can be configured to accept virtually any sensor (voltage, thermistor, current etc). Digital inputs can monitor either normally open or normally closed contacts and with the support of Modbus almost any device or sensor can be connected to the CREMS8000®

The real-time analogue data from sensors, digital statuses from inputs and alarms statuses can be viewed locally with the DSP8000® LCD panel or remotely in your favourite internet browser. SNMP capability for those clients who prefer to use their existing SNMP software is also fully supported.

Clients can be notified of alarm activity through a variety of reporting paths such as email, SMS, contact ID over GPRS and SNMP thus allowing for a solution which suits the type of application as well as redundancy.



  • Display real-time environmental conditions
  • Monitor all of your critical support equipment
  • Air-Conditioning duty/standby control
  • Alarms with configurable parameters
  • Full system and alarm event logging
  • Trend graphing and logging for Real-Time Controls
  • Web based user interface
  • Email, SMS, SNMP and GPRS alarm transmission capable

CREMS8000 Diagram


The system provides a host of features including:

  • Up to 255 inputs (analogue, digital or high level)
  • 128 alarm function blocks with adjustable parameters
  • Up to 64 outputs (digital)
  • 32 logic blocks (OR, AND, XOR, NOR, High, Low Select, Average)
  • 32 specialised control function blocks
  • 64 Graph logging plots with 16384 plot points, adjustable time sampling and auto archiving of graphs with export facility
  • Full event logging capabilities for input, output, alarm and system activity messages with advanced search functionality
  • 16 configurable email addresses for alarm notifications
  • 16 configurable SMS numbers for alarm notification
  • Alarm activity transmitted to a monitoring station with the Contact ID protocol over GPRS on the direct wireless network
  • LCD Display for viewing alarms and adjusting set points
  • SNMP Real time browsing and SNMP traps transmission of alarms
  • TCP/IP embedded Web Server for view and setup of parameters in your favourite internet browser
  • Modbus RTU to any device capable of supporting this protocol
  • Energy Meter Monitoring for Power and Water

Shunt Trip Controller

In the event of an emergency (Fire Alarm, OVER Temperature or physical need), this stand alone mini-controller is capable of triggering a shunt trip circuit breaker to automatically switch off the electrical power supply in the computer room.

As the Fire System goes into alarm the mini-shunt trip controller will immediately shut down all power to the room. If an OVER Temperature occurs, the mini-controller will go into alarm and after a 5 minute delay (the delay is adjustable via the integrated LCD screen) shut down the room to prevent equipment damage and data loss. We also go as far as installing an emergency power off (EPO) button in the room, so if the need arises (imminent physical harm, hacker attack, etc) the room can be manually protected by an emergency electrical isolation.

If you already have a CREMS8000 environmental system installed, a firmware upgrade is all that is needed to bring the full power of the CREMS8000 to the mini-shunt trip controller. Email alerts, SMS alerts and GPRS transmissions to remote monitoring centres, remote access, event logging, and the security of having your critical environment protected in the event of fire and over temperature conditions means that the mini-Shunt Trip Controller will be as integral a part of the protection of your data and equipment as the CREMS8000 itself.

Emergency Power Off

A self locking isolation switch is used to tell the Shunt Trip Controller to isolate all power in the room. The controller sees this and fires the shunt trip circuit breakers turning off all power in the room immediately.

Over Temperature Shunt Trip

When the dedicated temperature sensor reads above the over temperature set point (34°C), a warning will be sent to the CREMS8000 alerting the recipients of imminent shunt trip. Alerts will be sent every minute for 5 minutes, until the shunt trip occurs, allowing time for authorised staff to log into the system and isolate the safety shut down if necessary. The Over Temperature set point is password protected and can be adjusted by using the LCD interface. The LCD also displays the current temperature and set point when it is in standby mode.

VESDA Fire Alarm Shut Down

In the event of a VESDA fire alarm, the Shunt Trip Controller will trip the circuit breaker.

Circuit Breaker Status

This will be used in the CREMS8000 to generate an alarm to indicate a Shunt Trip has occurred or the Circuit Breaker has been turned off manually.


Secure Portal

Planet Controls can also provide secure remote proxy access to the CREMS8000 panel through our secure servers hosted in an enterprise data centre, the service is facilitated by the in-built GPRS connection on the CREMS8000 panel. This is the perfect solution should the CREMS panel be required to be segregated from the local network or should key service providers be required to gain access to the CREMS panel. This negates the need for VPN connections outside of the internal network.

With personalised logon for each user, access can be restricted and customised. Should there be a power outage, the backup batteries will maintain the wireless modem connection and the system will remain online and accessible. Emails will be sent via the Telstra wireless server and the system time will be syncronised with the Planet Controls NTP server.

Secure Portal


CREMS8000 Brochure

STC8000 Brochure

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